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There are times where...
you just can't breathe,
where everything become a nightmare,
where the world crumble's into you.
You can't tell if your suffocating,
or just to much frustration.
But stop that. stop it now.
put some headphones on.
listen to the lyrics from music that can make you smile.
happiness isn't only found in love.
there are such a variety of lovely feelings that make you feel like your in a diferent world 
without even talking one step out of earth.
close your eyes.
you don't have to adjust yourself for people to like you.
be yourself, and one day, one person will like who you are.
patience is what will guide you to what is happiness.
don't be lazy, work hard for no reason, 
trust me.. if you did work hard with the effort and passion put into it.. 
it will be worth it one day.
don't make fake smiles
don't hide yourself in lies,
don't feel ashamed to cry.
because those smiles will eventually never be noticed,
lies become a sickness of your own,
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Nonesense to the extent of madness
I don't believe in love 
yet...what I feel
has become so dificult to understand that,
as a dark mask, 
 I wouldn't be able to cover my severly fallen face...
As desperate as it seems to write such nonesense,
I cannot control my own feelings itself
and as I write, my thoughts will slowly dissapear.
I will not remember this letter,
therefor you will be reading what my true felings will be saying.
and so, I'm scared to admit this weakness
back and forth I come to doubt myself in a way,
that you,yourself won't seem to find happy.
But when I look into your simply gestured  eyes...
I can't seem to contain myself and smile like a fool,
I can't believe such person managed to make me so happy,
I feel that everything from before has become completelly un-important.
Pardon my obsoured speaking,
but all I've seem to become is insane.
As never before,
not in a sad, frustrated or terrified way;
it's the happiness I always awaited to arrive.
or am I overexagerating?
I am over
:iconcupcakeater12:cupcakeater12 1 0
blah and blah all i can describe to this
i can move 
i can breath
i can love
i can be me.
im afraid to look at the person,
that has brought me happiness
because i don't wish to see you gone,
i dont want you to see me crying at your bests.
i can't believe that what ive been looking for
is finally here
ive come to love even more than before
please don't leave dear.
i can't think of anything really,
with a smirk on my face
i miss you dearly.
trying to survive the day.
i wondered what was i in this world?
i don't want to know that anymore,
to this story what was my moral?
but i just know only you i can adore.
it has become dificult to hide my feelings
thanks to you.
i feel like i have  meaning,
to that i think your cool.
losing you,
might make me lose myself.
because even if im alive,
i won't move,
because you are the only person i want claime mine,
even if you dont have a clue 
if what im saying is true.
i am crazy,
and i just whent insane
since that first kiss, everything was amazing,
and everything became lame,
:iconcupcakeater12:cupcakeater12 1 2
what i think..
I can believe to dream,
in such submissive eyes,
where i can be free,
 Is where my creativity seems to hide.
In such a daze,
revealing my self,
i become amazed,
of what stories i can share.
The melody reminds me of you.
how i feel when your prescence is here,
makes my insides bloom,
wich makes my smile smirk at it's fear.
What can i expect from the future?
will i be what i want?
i want my heart to be creative and pure.
as it is, so i can have passion and be blunt.
May such words affect my dear self conscious,
im tired,
that your words already make me noxious 
so ill just smile.
The delightness of my hearing,
i thank.
to forever kneel.
against the hidden foresaken melody at last.
The story im about to tell,
was a dream,that i wished to not come true
even if i yelled, from the lack of sense.
it was really something that I've been longing for.
im not looking for it,
i used to care for such thing, but I've grown tired of waiting,
and found  someone who did.
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